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Meet Our Scholars

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Kara Menton

Eastern Florida State College



Community College

Kara, who is queer and non-binary, grew up and was homeschooled in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where they moved with their family at the age of 12. They have wanted to become a veterinarian since the young age of 4 and have always had a passion for animals, pet care, and biology. After facing huge adversity at home from their highly religious parents after coming out, they were made to feel as though they would never achieve their dreams. However, Kara was determined, and left home at 18 to move in with their now fiancee and her family, who offered a safe place and support. There Kara completed a GED and had the opportunity to work at a veterinary hospital, further cementing their dream to enter the field of veterinary medicine. They then returned to Cocoa, Florida, where they spent their early childhood, to attend college and start the path to becoming a veterinarian. Kara is now attending Eastern Florida State College. They plan to major in Biology before attending veterinary college, and their future goal is to specialise in exotic companion animal medicine and surgery. After facing many challanges and struggles because of their identity, Kara wants to be an active member in their LGBTQ community, standing up for equal rights and opportunities, and supporting those in difficult and unsafe situations and circumstances. In their spare time, Kara enjoys reading, playing ukulele, playing video games, and spending time with animals and in nature. They have three rats named Possum, Pipsqueak, and Pest, who they enjoy cuddling, playing with, and trick training.

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