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Meet Our Scholars

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Katelyn Tehan

Des Moines Area Community College

Environmental Studies


Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Katelyn Tehan was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and raised in Ames, Iowa since. In 2012, her mother and father separated, leaving Katelyn to take care of her two younger brothers. Being in a paternal role made her relationship with her family become strained, and coming out even more difficult. Katelyn knew she was bisexual, but she felt discouraged by family members to come out; in middle school there was little talk of sexuality but moving on to high school there was significantly more support from peers. With more reinforcement Katelyn went on to join non-profit organizations founded on the support of LGBTQ rights, political equality, and basic environmental standards. These inspired her to advance her academics in environmental science; as she graduated from Ames High School. Upon graduating, she went on to work on homesteads all over the country and continued her college career focusing on environmental studies.  In 2022, Katelyn will advance to Iowa State University to focus on conservation and environmental sociology. Her dream is to become a park ranger and promote awareness of how our communities interact with nature and how it can be improved.

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