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Meet Our Scholars

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Kawena Lorenzo

University of Hawaii West Oahu

Hawaiian-Pacific Studies



Kawena Lorenzo (she/her) is a passionate student pursuing a degree in Hawaiian Pacific Studies. Kawena maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout their academic journey, recently earning a spot on their college's Fall 2022 Dean's List. Additionally, they were inducted as a Phi Theta Kappa member and recognized as a Ke Ala ‘ike Hawaiian Scholar.

Kawena's passion for Hawaiian culture and traditions is reflected in their ongoing work to support the Native Hawaiian community. They have volunteered their time and skills to promote cultural events and educational programs celebrating the Hawaiian language, history, and music. Kawena is committed to preserving their ancestors' culture and traditions and deeply respects the history and significance of Hawaiian Pacific Studies.

In addition to their community work, Kawena is also interested in environmental sustainability and humans' impact on the environment. They hope to use their knowledge and skills to promote sustainable practices and protect Hawaii’s natural resources.

Kawena Lorenzo is a dedicated student and community member who is passionate about learning, growth, and service. Their academic achievements, ongoing community work, and personal interests reflect their unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating Hawaiian culture and promoting a sustainable future for all.

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