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Meet Our Scholars

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Kelvin Moore

University of California, San Francisco




Kelvin has lived many places, but considers Kingstree, South Carolina home, as it holds generations of familial history and serves as his primary place of formative growth.  Moving through this small town as a Black gay child, he experienced a great deal of bullying. Stifled by the social intersections of queerphobia and anti-Black racism, Kelvin found escape through his studies. In the fall 2015, Kelvin entered Brown University as a Public Health and Biology major with a particular interest in the humanist and social justice aspects of medicine. While at Brown, Kelvin served as an LGBTQ sexual health advocate and spent much of his time investigating social barriers to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake in LGBTQ youth. Of note, he partnered with faculty at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and published several findings on how the lack of confidentiality protections under a parent’s insurance policy negatively impacts LGBTQ youth’s willingness to take PrEP. During this time, Kelvin learned many invaluable lessons; most important, he learned that there exists great power in focusing on human narratives when encountering and examining the total health of an individual. Following the completion of his undergraduate studies in 2019, Kelvin gained employment as a Clinical Research Coordinator working on several clinical trials with an emphasis on improving preventative HIV care for queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) living in San Francisco. As an incoming medical student at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine for fall 2021 admission, he plans to continue centering QTPOC health in his medical studies and advocacy. 

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