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Meet Our Scholars

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Kevin Contreras

Pitzer College




Wells Fargo Point Scholar

Raised in Los Angeles by a traditional Mexican family, Kevin became well-acquainted with discrimination at a young age. Throughout his adolescence, he was often bullied for being the only openly queer student among his peers. Despite his unsupportive community, Kevin has worked to combat the effects of discrimination by organizing LGBTQ+ acceptance events, hosting anti-bullying forums, and even convincing school administrators to make designated restrooms gender neutral. As president of both his school and the Gay Student Alliance, Kevin regularly met with school district officials to discuss LGBTQ+ related issues, racial equality, and other social justice topics. In addition to his community efforts, Kevin provides resources, as well as support, to over 80,000 people struggling with their sexual and gender identities on his blogging platform. Aside from his work with the LGBTQ+ community, Kevin also co-founded a nonprofit organization, The Engineer Factory, in the summer of 2014 which serves to inspire marginalized children to pursue careers in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM). Suffering from an eye disorder that will eventually lead to blindness has motivated Kevin to study to become a researcher and a doctor so that he can help thousands of people in need. As an undergraduate at Pitzer College, he will further LGBTQ+ causes, pursue community outreach for LGBTQ+ youth, and use his knowledge to become an agent of change within all marginalized communities.

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