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Meet Our Scholars

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Kevin Palomo

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


He/Him, They/Them


Kevin grew up in a small, poor village and left his home country when he was 14. Kevin felt free for the first time when he learned that in the US, being gay was not a "deadly sin." He felt free at last that he could be himself without any fear. However, being undocumented worried him and made him feel like he was not fully free. He learned that education is the path to true freedom because no law or government can take that away from him. That is why he worked hard to enter an undergraduate program and continues to work for his community despite the barriers. Thanks to his relentlessness, he entered into Dream Summer, where he saw the change that advocacy and community work can have on people's lives. He also noticed that his experience could help others like him navigate the higher education system. He saw the power of working together to bring about change during the DACA trials of 2019.

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