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Meet Our Scholars

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Khamiko Konzsaki

Northeast Helicopters




Khamiko Konzsaki loves working with her hands, pulling things apart to learn how it works then putting it back together then re-purposing it into something functional and cool. Her mother was never home as she worked all of the time, and never had any spare change to buy Khamiko any new toys when she was a child. Khamiko spent a lot of her time walking around the neighborhood picking up random broken things to make into a toy. She would tinker and combining this and that, in order to make a cool gizmo that she and her three sisters could entertain themselves with. This curiosity and mindset followed Khamiko into adulthood. She loves teaching ingenuity and the art of re-purposing to people of all ages and backgrounds. She has applied this to her underlining focus to teach people how to rewire their brains to be able to figure out brighter outcomes, no matter how dire the situation may seem. There is always a way to Macgyver it out. Khamiko is also a classical and a Jazz pianist, and before COVID she had a group of friends she used to play music with.

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