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Meet Our Scholars

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Kirin Gupta

Harvard Law School

International Law and Legal History



Walter Decker Scholarship

Kirin grew up around the nation’s capital, though she spent years living abroad during and after what would have been high school years. She worked and studied to return for her high school diploma after her time in India, where she worked in an institute for folks with disabilities, then spent a further year working in the Amazon in a government clinic serving indigenous communities. Kirin went on to graduate at the top of her class from Harvard College. Before and throughout college, Kirin has served as President of the Youth Empowerment Society, in which she has instituted an interfaith curriculum in a K-12 school in a Hindu-Muslim community outside of New Delhi. In her undergraduate years, back in the United States, she focused on her sexual and gender identity at a new level in her ongoing work with racial justice. Working with other students in the International Women’s Rights Collective and Sexual Health and Education Advocacy Throughout Harvard, she became deeply invested in questions and campaigns around reproductive justice, and evolved her understanding and work as she took on the directorship of both organizations. She co-founded an organization with other Asian American femme identifying folks that specifically attended to intra-Asia diversity with a focus on queer identity as a constitutive part of the community. Her work with the race relations office and Women’s Center continued after she returned to Harvard as a JD/PhD student in History/Women Gender and Sexuality Studies and Law, studying women terrorists in the former British Empire. Her work in academia and advocacy aligns, along with her commitment to lifting up students of all identities into the opportunities of higher education, and actively building infrastructure in institutions that supports the most marginalized students.

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