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Meet Our Scholars

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Kit Eaton

Arizona State University




Kit grew up with a sense that they were different than other people. This difference led to much confusion and uncertainty as they felt like there was no place they belonged. When they entered their teenage years, they found a community online of LGBTQ people, where Kit was finally able to find a label that suited them. They realized they were queer through online communities and became involved in their high school’s GSA. In university, they became a part of Qmunity, ASU’s LGBTQ organization, and this fall will serve as the Facilitator of Community Programming. Kit looks for opportunities to serve their community whenever and wherever they can and prides themself on being inclusive and welcoming in everything they do. By studying sociology at Arizona State University, Kit hopes to prepare themselves for work in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to make safe spaces a reality for any intersectionality of identities.

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