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Meet Our Scholars

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Kuhan Jeyapragasan

Stanford University

Applied Mathematics



HSBC Point Scholar

Kuhan Jeyapragasan is a Stanford University student from Toronto, Canada. Their involvement with the LGBTQ community started in high school, after speaking to a teacher who shared their experience as an LGBTQ South Asian individual. This discussion made Kuhan realize how few South Asian LGBTQ individuals are well-known, and the importance of sharing stories to reduce isolation and provide support to the LGBTQ community. Kuhan’s activism started in school, as executive of the Queer Straight Alliance, Pink Day Crew, and Gender Equity Club. They also became heavily involved in community service, volunteering and doing advocacy work with organizations including the 519 Queer Community Center, Delisle Youth Services, LGBT Youthline, and Supporting Our Youth. In Toronto, Kuhan also conducted research on LGBTQ youth homelessness, suicide prevention, and mental health challenges faced by the LGBTQ community. At Stanford, Kuhan’s field of study is Mathematical and Computational Sciences. Coupled with a minor in economics, Kuhan hopes to apply technology and data to solve large-scale social issues. Kuhan is also heavily invested in student activism and has been involved with NAACP, private prison divestment work, effective altruism, and social justice groups. In total, they have accumulated over 2,500 volunteer hours and will continue to volunteer to ground the policy work they hope to be doing in the future. Outside of social justice work, Kuhan loves playing chess, singing South Asian music (Classical and Bollywood), learning new languages, and traveling.

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