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Meet Our Scholars

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Kyle Inselman

University of Colorado at Boulder

Film Studies and Linguistics



Kyle grew up in Eugene, Oregon, but even in that liberal climate he was not met with acceptance when he came out as transgender as a young teen. At home, he could not express his gender identity, and his high school, though sympathetic, did not allow LGBTQ+ student groups. Despite this, he organized Day of Silence actions annually. He was able to transition when he moved out of state to attend the University of Colorado Boulder in 2007. In college, Kyle held leadership positions in several LGBTQ+ student groups and worked for the university’s GLBTQ Resource Center. In addition to contributing to student-led initiatives for institutional change, he is proud of compiling the first extensive guide to transitioning at the Boulder campus, which continues to be updated to this day. A 2010 Point scholar, Kyle graduated in 2011 with a dual degree in linguistics and film studies with a certificate in LGBT studies. He has gone on to earn a master’s degree in student affairs from the University of Utah, where he conducted an independent thesis study on trans student experiences in higher education, and in 2022 he will complete a second master’s degree in religious studies from the University of Denver. Kyle now works in university career services and founded an independent career coaching practice specializing in the LGBTQ+ community. He has held statewide and national leadership positions in career development associations and looks forward to continuing to contribute to the profession as a researcher and practitioner.

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