Kyle grew up in Eugene, Oregon, but even in that liberal climate he was not met with acceptance when he came out as transgender. At home, he could not express his gender identity, and his Catholic high school, though sympathetic, did not allow any LGBTQ student groups for support. Despite this, he organized Day of Silence annually and worked to connect Catholic social justice to queer activism. He was finally able to begin his transition when he moved out of state to attend the University of Colorado Boulder, where he immediately immersed himself in the campus queer community.

During his undergrad, Kyle held leadership positions in more than five LGBTQ student groups, was a founding member of two, and also worked as the Communications Coordinator for the university’s GLBTQ Resource Center for two years. In addition to playing a major role in several student-led initiatives for institutional change, he was active in planning the annual TRANSforming Gender Symposium and is proud to have compiled the first extensive guide to transitioning at the Boulder campus.

Kyle finished his dual degree in linguistics and film studies, as well as a certificate in LGBT studies, at the University of Colorado Boulder. He continued working in the Colorado LGBTQ community as the Communications Associate at One Colorado, the state’s LGBTQ equality organization. In the fall of 2014 Kyle will begin graduate school at the University of Utah studying higher education.

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