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Meet Our Scholars

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Kyle Vey

North Carolina State University

Biomedical Engineering



Kyle Vey was born in Brampton, Ontario, but moved down to the states with his family at the age of three. He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina following in the academic footsteps of his two older siblings. Just as they did, he began to play the French horn in middle school. Since then music has been an essential part of his life. Throughout his middle school and high school years he participated in many ensembles such as orchestra, marching band, all-state band and many more. Near the end of his sophomore year in high school, Kyle's parents discovered his sexuality and confronted him, forcing him to come to terms with it himself. They then told his older brother against his own will. While Kyle's trust in his family quickly deteriorated over the summer, he was still able to begin a Gay-Straight Alliance Club at his high school before being accepted to the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). NCSSM is a residential high school offering many unique opportunities. Kyle was able to rebuild his relationship with his parents while residing half an hour away from home in Durham, NC at NCSSM. He quickly joined the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra there, as well as the GSA Club, and he soon discovered his new passion for engineering. Kyle determined that biomedical engineering would be his major in college with the help from his biggest inspiration, his older sister.

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