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Meet Our Scholars

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Landon 'LJ' Woolston

Florida International University

Social Work



Calamus Foundation Point Scholar

Landon 'LJ' Woolston is an advocate and artist, a youth worker, and a trans-pan-queer Miami native. Through his own personal journey navigating social justice issues, LJ dedicated himself to using his privilege to interrupt oppression, standing alongside and amplifying the narratives of those who are most marginalized in our communities. Through his work in LGBTQ youth homelessness, as well as in his volunteerism and activism, LJ is committed to affirming and empowering queer youth. By equipping young people with community support, resources, and knowledge around self-advocacy, LJ hopes to see the eventual elimination of the many barriers that prevent LGBTQ youth from living whole and authentic lives. In addition to his work and social justice advocacy, LJ uses his art and photography as a form of activism -- a means of sparking critical dialogue around body and sex positivity, gender, and race. His images have been shown in a variety of venues, and have also been published in several queer publications and The New Times. LJ sees photography as a particularly powerful, radical medium for trans/queer folk to explore themselves, and to document their varied paths toward self-discovery, body-love and self-love.

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