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Meet Our Scholars

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Landon Marchant

Williams College




HSBC Point Scholar

Born and raised on a flower farm in rural Wisconsin, Landon Marchant has traveled a long way from their conservative religious upbringing. At the age of 18, Landon enlisted in the United States Air Force, hoping to suppress their gender identity and sexuality. However, instead of turning Landon cis and straight, the military introduced them to countless successful and happy LGBTQ people. Since an honorable discharge in 2011, Landon has devoted their time to helping LGBTQ troops and veterans. In 2013, Landon helped found and grow SPART*A, an LGBTQ military organization, where they held numerous leadership roles. Now, Landon currently serves as the Economic Impact Programs Manager for Minority Veterans of America, helping increase awareness and access to resources for marginalized veterans. Acceptance into - and graduating from - Williams College only served to deepen Landon’s passion for helping LGBTQ individuals succeed. As a disabled veteran, former trade union apprentice, community college transfer student, and advocate, they know the importance of strong support networks and economic stability. Landon currently works at ZX Ventures, Anheuser-Busch InBev's global innovation and investment team, where they are the global employee experience and inclusion analyst.

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