Born and raised on a flower farm in rural Wisconsin, Landon Marchant has traveled a long way from their conservative religious upbringing. At the age of 18, Landon enlisted in the United States Air Force, hoping to suppress their gender identity and sexuality. However, instead of turning Landon cis and straight, the military introduced them to countless successful and happy LGBTQ people. Since an honorable discharge in 2011, Landon has devoted their time to helping LGBTQ troops and veterans. Landon has held numerous leadership roles in SPART*A, an LGBTQ military organization, since its inception in 2013. In particular, Landon has supported fellow transgender service members by connecting troops with educational and health resources, emergency housing, and employment assistance. They also co-chair the SPART*A fitness group, a personal passion that has led to improved member morale. Landon has built an expansive network of nonprofits, veterans’ organizations, and individuals dedicated to supporting LGBTQ service members and veterans. In order to pass on this wealth of knowledge, Landon maintains a comprehensive index of resources for LGBTQ veterans and for any veteran hoping to continue their education. Acceptance into Williams College has only served to deepen Landon’s passion for helping LGBTQ individuals succeed. As a disabled veteran and former trade union apprentice, they know the importance of strong support networks and economic stability. Landon intends to continue supporting LGBTQ veterans achieve their post-military goals, as well as work to change the way we think about socioeconomic mobility, skilled labor, and military service.

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