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Meet Our Scholars

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Lee Adam Wheeler

Harvard University and Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences



Lee Adam grew up in a quintessentially suburban environment. When he moved to the west coast as a teenager, his eyes were opened to a whole new world of sorts. Living in the inner city for the very first time, he became acutely aware of the fact that his childhood experience was by no means the norm. Through active participation in various health initiatives in local homeless shelters and hospice facilities for people living with cancer and HIV/AIDS, Lee Adam chose to focus his academic ambitions on the science of human health, culminating in his eventual application to medical school. Lee Adam completed a combined MD-Ph.D. degree at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. His research was focusing on novel immune modulatory therapeutic interventions for patients with chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS, and both primary and metastatic cancer. He remains actively engaged in community service with at-risk individuals in Boston's inner city, who remain, a major source of inspiration. Point Foundation has been instrumental in supporting Lee Adam's research in the field - and he is honored to be included amongst its distinguished group of scholars.

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