Leo Kirkham studied public health at the University of Washington Seattle. They grew up in Idaho, where they struggled to come to terms with their identity as a queer person, but fortunately they had supportive friends and family when they came out shortly after their high school graduation. Their primary interests as both a public health student and a social activist include HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ health, sexual assault, and social determinants of health. They volunteered with queer and sexual assault activist organizations at their university as well as Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and Seattleā€™s Northwest Network, an LGBTQ survivors of abuse organization. As Student Health Consortium Director at the University of Washington, Leo initiated projects on queer and trans health, mental health, and HIV. Post-college, they have worked as a queer youth advocate and a queer camp counselor. They plan to return to school in the future for social work.

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