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Meet Our Scholars

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Lis Jimenez

Occidental College




Wells Fargo Scholarship

Lis was born in Los Angeles, to a strong Mexican-immigrant mother. Growing up in a conservative church Lis had a conflicted relationship with religion due to sermons preaching that being gay was a sin. Even though this relationship is on the mend, Lis is still unsure of how to practice a religion that is a product of the colonization of their ancestors. Lis attended public school until high school when she was presented with a scholarship that opened up different opportunities. Having a strong female presence in their life caused Lis to be proud of being a female. This led them to create a women of color group on campus, where women had a space to talk about their experience and topics such as representation in media and cultural appropriation. Lis has been a leader of Rainbow Alliance (LGBTQ+ affinity group) for two years and pushed for a queer prom to happen at their school ever since they were a freshman. During their senior year, the school had its first-ever Queer Dance. Lis has also been the leader of the Latinx group on campus, Somos Unidos, for two years which has exposed the campus to different Latinx traditions through their events such as creating an altar for Dia de Los Muertos. This experience has caused them to become a stronger person by solidifying their identity as a non-binary Xicanx because of the overwhelming sense of cisgender whiteness at school.

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