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Meet Our Scholars

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Lissa Goudette

State College of Florida



Community College

Yolissa, meaning joy, accurately defines Yolissa’s character in that she finds delight in minor things. Yolissa was born in Florida to a family of five. She considers herself kind, selfless, and open-minded. A notable event in her childhood was her parents' naturalization ceremony that she attended when she was six years old. She was proud of her parents and it made her feel like she was at home. Yolissa’s parents are from Haiti and her culture is an integral part of her life. Her favorite holiday is Haitian Independence Day, which falls on New Year's. Service is also a large part of her life, which is why Yolissa plans to visit Haiti one day and contribute to the country's rescue efforts.

Yolissa attends community college and plans to transfer to a university. She is preparing for medical school by picking up volunteering opportunities and working as a medical scribe when she is not in school. She wants to be a doctor who can be effective in her community and advance the area of medicine. She aspires to achieve many goals in her career, but the most important thing to her is that she can improve lives.

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