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Meet Our Scholars

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Logan Alcosiba

San Francisco State University

Cinema & Drama



Wells Fargo Point Scholar

At 15, Logan Alcosiba shared her truth as a transgender woman with everyone. Despite negativity, she was fortunate to have a strong foundation of support. Logan thus made it her mission to ensure all people were treated equitably. To spread awareness and acceptance, Logan became ultra-involved in her community, dedicating her time to academics, leadership, athletics, drama, and clubs. She would become her city’s first openly transgender athlete, ASB President, and Homecoming Queen, and one of the first for California, a proud achievement for her community considering the loss of Gwen Araujo a decade and a half prior. Additionally, Logan founded her high school’s annual Transgender Presentation to teach students and staff about the transgender experience, as well as her school’s first LGBTQ+ Support Club, a safe and brave space for students to collect and organize. All the while, Logan was medically transitioning, breaking down barriers in transgender healthcare. With much perseverance, Logan became the first known minor of Kaiser Permanente to be approved for and undergo gender affirmation surgery, allowing future youth similar opportunities. With the support of Point Foundation, Logan went on to earn her bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University, majoring in cinema and double minoring in theatre arts and queer ethnic studies. She now works as a model for agencies based in Los Angeles, New York, and London, advocating for better representation for all. Her personal transition helped a community to transition. Being herself helped others to do the same. This, Logan knows, will continue.

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