Learning to live for love instead of to die from hate, Logan Alcosiba came out as transgender once her sophomore year began. When she was greeted with open arms, Logan made it her mission to ensure all kids were treated the same. To spread awareness and acceptance, as well as build a better understanding of diversity for her peers, Logan became as involved as possible in her community, dedicating her time to school, leadership, athletics, drama, and clubs. This would lead her to become the first openly transgender athlete, ASB President, and Homecoming Queen for the city of Newark, California, a proud achievement for her community considering the loss of Gwen Araujo a decade and a half prior. In the middle of her high school career, Logan founded her school’s annual Transgender Presentation to teach students and staff about the transgender experience, as well as her school’s first LGBTQ+ Support Club, where students could safely express themselves while organizing school events and learning about the community’s history. Because of this, the welcoming environment surrounding Newark Memorial High School improved and still continues to grow. All the while, Logan was physically transitioning, breaking down barriers in transgender health care. With much perseverance, Logan became the first minor of Northern California to be approved for and undergo any gender related surgery, allowing future youth the same opportunity. Her personal transition allowed a community to transition. Being herself allowed others to do the same. This, Logan knows, will continue.

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