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Meet Our Scholars

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Lotus Lloyd

Oberlin College and Conservatory

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and Education



Wells Fargo Scholarship

Lotus Lloyd is a Black Queer Transmasculine person from Harper Woods, Michigan. He is a sex educator, social justice advocate, and community builder who puts passion and empathy into everything he does. Lotus currently serves on the Planned Parenthood of Michigan Gender Affirming Care Community Advisory Board and is the co-founder of Michigan’s Transgender Student Union. In Fall 2022, he will attend the College of Arts and Sciences at Oberlin College and Conservatory where he will study gender, sexuality, and feminist studies along with Education. At Oberlin, he also plans to teach an experimental college course (EXCO) on the history and legacy of Eugenics, and work on a thesis that discusses the cultural construction of trans* identity and gender transition. After college, Lotus intends to work as a continuing education sex educator via work that involves teaching marginalized communities about how sex, sexuality, and sex-ed can better serve and uplift them.

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