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Meet Our Scholars

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Lou Beninsig

Solano Community College

Biomedical Sciences


Community College

Wells Fargo Scholarship

17, unlabeled, Filipino, and an immigrant. These are probably the best words to describe me without going into too much. I’m a student trying to get by, but of course, life is completely disallowing me from doing so in peace. I was born and raised in the Philippines, my parents only recently decided to move and permanently stay in the United States. I was 16 when we did, only a month from turning another year older. I’m not out to my family, and I’m honestly not planning on telling them anytime soon. Honestly, I’m just gonna do my thing and keep them guessing. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, I have issues that need to be dealt with and an unusually pessimistic side, but I’m trying my best. Aren’t we all, right? I hope to receive an Associate’s in Science Degree for Biomedical Sciences by 2024, and a Bachelor’s in Forensic Sciences by 2026. My mind may change and new paths may form, but for now, I’m satisfied with my dreams.

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