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Meet Our Scholars

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Lyndsey Vierra

American University

American Studies



Carlos Enrique Cisneros Point Scholar

Lyndsey first came out when she was 15, and quickly got involved with LGBTQ youth organizing in Washington, D.C. As a youth activist, she organized on issues such as promoting safe schools, funding for HIV/AIDS, and sexual education curriculum. From her earliest years, Lyndsey intended to become a classical violinist, but in high school developed a career-threatening injury. After exploring other career options, she dedicated her passion to community organizing and social change in Washington, D.C. While attending American University full-time, Lyndsey works at an after-school program and is co-editor of Divided City, a magazine showcasing socially conscious writing and artwork by D.C. residents. She also serves on the Development Council of SMYAL, the organization for LGBTQ youth that was Lyndsey's entrŽe to activism ten years ago. Through her studies at American University, she gained a broader understanding of United States history, culture, and politics that will act as a foundation for her many community projects and activities. Lyndsey is committed to improving the lives of many, especially D.C. residents, LGBTQ people, and young people.

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