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Meet Our Scholars

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Madison Black

Univeristy of North Carolina at Charlotte

Civil Engineering, Environmental



Do you know the color chartreuse? That’s Madison Black: strange, eccentric, and uniquely necessary to the color wheel. Like any color, chartreuse and Madison have varying shades, sometimes fluctuating on our own and often shifting from those around us. Throughout the seven years she was in orchestra learning to play the violin and bass, she recalls embodying yellow chartreuse, an almost audibly vibrant shade. However, Madison began to foster her strong interest in civil law by hearing about supreme court cases. Slowly, as she delved deeper into crime-centered podcasts, read further into the political articles, and became more emotionally invested in past/ present court rulings, her once yellowish chartreuse morphed into a green-dominant one. Yet, it was only after she began to emerge into fields where she was most passionate — the discrepancy of BIPOC in high-level classes, racial injustice, and the Spanish language — that Madison evolved into her true chartreuse. As she advanced into the person she did not always know she wanted to be but was glad to end up as, her chartreuse metamorphosed. Madison is now ready to venture upon the rocky and compelling route that encompasses her goal of becoming a lawyer.

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