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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Madison Chaparro

Saddleback College



Community College

Madison is an artist who grew up in Hesperia, California. She was raised by her single teen-mom as they struggled to afford groceries. The High-Desert is a dangerous place to live, and they were frequently robbed and assaulted in the fourteen years she had lived there. Seeking a better life, they moved to southern orange county and lived paycheck to paycheck. She was verbally assaulted and singled out by students and teachers alike for her sexuality as a lesbian, as well as her background in the High-Desert. She was forced to become completely independent when she was kicked out by her mother at eighteen because of her sexuality. Her mother did not complete high-school education, so Madison was determined to educate herself and finish college. After many intense trials and academic efforts, she is proud to say that her GPA is UCLA-transfer worthy. Madison fully intends to put all of her heart and more into her career in film. She will make films and artwork dedicated to LGBTQ audiences and those who struggle with socioeconomic and racial marginalization.

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