Maggie Keenan-Bolger was born and raised in inner-city Detroit. She gained a unique perspective on racial and economic discrimination early in life, as one of a few white students attending predominantly black schools and living in predominantly black neighborhoods. At age 14, Maggie came out as the only openly LGBTQ-identified individual in her 800-person high school. The religious upbringing of the majority of her classmates lead to conflict and rejection on both an individual and school-wide level, as she was forced to attend anti-homosexuality lectures which resulted in personal opposition to her identity and beliefs. Maggie was just 17 when her mom passed away from breast cancer. She not only lost a crucial member of her family, but an ally.

Maggie attended Oberlin College for her undergraduate work and found a passion in combining her majors of theatre and gender and women’s studies. Later, with the support of the Point Foundation as the Dr. Joan. Shelley W. Fernandez Named Scholar, Maggie acquired her Master’s Degree, using theatre to facilitate, activate and educate in the Applied Theatre Program at the City University of New York. A two-time Point scholar, Maggie then went on to receive her Masters of Fine Arts in interdisciplinary arts at Goddard College as the New York Point Honors Scholar.

Maggie works with a variety of populations including LGBTQ Homeless Youth, LGBTQ elders and inter-generational LGBTQ groups as a way to provide a venue for self-expression and a voice to often silenced communities. Recently, she founded her own theatre company Honest Accomplice Theatre, dedicated to the creation of new works on topics that are often silenced or seen as shameful in our country. Her show, The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged, a sex education theatre piece about female sexuality was presented again in New York City in October, 2014 and then tour to colleges around the country in 2015 (

Post-graduation, Maggie will continue using theatre, storytelling and LGBTQ politics as a way to create community and generate change in the world around her.

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