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Meet Our Scholars

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Maggie Salinas

Columbia University

Creative Writing and Computer Science



Maggie Salinas is the youngest daughter of Mexican parents and a first-generation/low-income student at Columbia University pursuing a degree in creative writing and computer science. She hopes to write memoirs and community-based articles to highlight the stories of others as a journalist in an attempt to raise awareness for her community and people with similar backgrounds. A lot of her time is spent mentoring students at Columbia who come from underrepresented communities with the hope of offering a welcoming presence and encouraging them to claim the space they deserve at this institution. When she’s not found enjoying the outdoors with a green tea and sketchbook at hand, she is often helping the university’s Multicultural Recruitment Committee host panels and interview prospective ASP (Academic Success Program) students. Outside of her two work-study jobs, Maggie makes time to participate in the university’s newspaper, The Daily Spectator, attend Chicanx Caucus meetings, and partake in LGBTQ conversations on campus. Her ultimate life goal is to earn a stable career that will allow her to help her family reach financial stability and do so while representing her identity rather than hiding it.

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