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Meet Our Scholars

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Marcus Lee

University of Chicago

Political Science



Wells Fargo Point Scholar

Scholar-activist Marcus Lee is from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a member of the Class of 2015 of Morehouse College, a Mellon Mays Research Fellow, a graduate student in political science at The University of Chicago, and a member of a variety of community organizations and initiatives oriented toward racial justice, gender equity, and sexual liberation. His academic research concerns the emergence of Black Gay organizing, and the impact of AIDS and the nonprofit industry on the trajectory of Black/Queer movements. After earning his Ph.D., Marcus hopes to teach and continue to do research on Black politics and contemporary social movements. Marcus is passionate about being part of intentional communities—he is deeply committed to building a set of politics according to the needs and desires of his friends and the larger Black/Queer community. Motivated in large part by a past of self-neglect, Marcus works daily toward living into/taking care of himself, and he pushes for a society in which everyone is made to feel empowered and enthused about life.

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