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Meet Our Scholars

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Marie Tagudena

University of California, Los Angeles

Art and Art History



Marie Tagudena is currently enrolled at University of California, Los Angeles studying art and art history. She currently works part-time at the Hammer Museum as a student lead, supervising the gallery operations floor while studying full-time. She has also taken up a second part-time position working in the art department in the New Genres lab. She is also the co-founder of the Art Students Collective, a club geared toward and run by art students. The intention of the club is to foster an environment that would facilitate a community among art students that can connect and network with one another. The collective coordinates with the current department chair, Catherine Opie, who is also a well-renowned artist. She has worked on intensive art installations aimed at stripping the human self down more to the essence of the soul that connects human beings spiritually. Born in Pasadena, California, Marie is an advocate for diversity, and Los Angeles exemplifies the epitome of diversity in the university's community of students. She eventually wants to become a practicing artist that embodies the unity of culture that she believes is represented at UCLA.

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