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Meet Our Scholars

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Marshall Harris

Kirkwood Community College

Liberal Arts


Community College

Coach Dream It Real Scholarship

Marshall Harris is a student and artist originally from Central Florida, having moved to Iowa at the start of his high school experience. Fortunate enough to receive support from his friends and family, he has developed into a person with a strong sense of self and a deep connection to his identities as a transgender, bisexual, and black person. Marshall has a passion for music composition, that, coupled with his love for storytelling through video games, has led him to pursue a career in video game development and soundtrack composition. He has a strong desire to continue learning in everything he does, and cares deeply about creativity, linguistics, environmental science, and moral philosophy. He is a recognized member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and in his time at Kirkwood Community College, he has worked as a staff member on the school’s literary magazine as well as holding a leadership position in the Kirkwood Pride Club. As the son of two college professors, Marshall takes pride in his academic performance. He plans to continue to use his education not just to pursue his career goals, but also as a way to get involved in his community and continue to learn as much as he can.

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