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Meet Our Scholars

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Meghana Shivananda Murthy

Arizona State University




Meghana is a hardworking and resilient doctorate student with a passion for healthcare and human rights. As an international student from India and a queer woman, she has been actively advocating for diversity, inclusivity, and allyship in research labs, on-campus and off-campus, throughout her schooling in the US. In a queer community, especially, women have been marginalized almost in every continent, including the USA. She wants to show them it is possible to be open, proud, and able to do what one loves to do, be it science, research, or fieldwork. She has also been a part of outreach programs working with underserved grade 6-12 students. In a multicultural, diverse, multifaceted society, it is vital to amplify the voices and share the stories of all. While a lack of representation is harmful in itself, the misrepresentation of underserved communities is a significant issue with damaging consequences. Therefore, the right representation, especially to growing minds, is important to shape them and lead them to a well-defined guided path. She also wants to get involved in STEM policy-making, advocacy, and outreach programs at the congress and global level, promoting the importance of DIA and women's education.

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