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Meet Our Scholars

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Meki Dunston

Seton Hall University




Mekiayla Dunston attends Seton Hall University. Born to multiracial/multicultural parents, she attended a diverse Christian school for the entirety of her childhood. Her mother passed at the age of four, which sparked her interest in science and medicine. Meki came out as LGBTQUIA+ at 13, despite struggling with the concept for years prior. Meki identifies as a demiromantic pansexual and majors in biology at Seton Hall University in pursuit of becoming a neurosurgeon. She owns a digital art and photography business called Diamante’s Perfections. Her hobbies include but aren’t limited to traveling, artistry, baking, investing, cosmetology, mythological study, and reading. She loves animals, and she has a bird and four dogs. Meki is passionate about science, equity, diversity, philanthropy, and self-expression and has committed her life to advocate for change for a better tomorrow for all people. One of her secret obsessions is creative writing, especially short stories and poetry. Meki is part of many organizations and has many awards and achievements; however, she credits God for her talents and successes. She feels nothing would have been possible without His endless love and support for her aspirations.

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