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Meet Our Scholars

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Mi'Kelle Williams

Madonna University

American Sign Language Interpretation



Mi'Kelle has always walked the road less traveled. As a child, the fantastical worlds that literature offered allowed her to imagine endless possibilities. She's taught herself many a skill from knitting to painting. Her personality has allowed her to form many friendships and bonds which have paved the way for new and exciting experiences but never impeded her ability to perform well in school.

In high school, she was enrolled in the highest curriculum offered. She maintained a 3.9 while being an assistant to several teachers, the president of the forensics club, and a member of the video game club, Japanese club, and National Honor Society. She went on to study Japanese and creative writing at Eastern Michigan University. While at Eastern she explores even more hobbies and expanded her creative writing skills. Eventually, she found her passion in American Sign Language and transferred to Madonna University, the best Michigan school for ASL studies.

Madonna has allowed her to hone this passion into a skill. She has become an observer in the Deaf community but has never forgotten other passions. Her classmates and teachers were pleasantly surprised when she presented them with a novella starring themselves in a fictional dystopia.

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