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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

Milagros Trejo

Los Angeles City College




Sam is a multi-faceted artist who uses their lived experience to inspire, influence, and agitate others through countless mediums. They have used their lived experiences as a way to not only speak and identify injustices within the community but also in healthcare settings, workplace environments, and in their own personal life when others have isolated them for being "different." Sam has participated in numerous direct actions, such as publicly exposing a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) in their neighborhood through storytelling and creating informational education to warn others of its presence in their community. Sam creates music, poetry, makeup, art, and self-expression to tell the stories of the experiences they have had to face throughout their life. They want to continue their education to reach as many people as possible to teach them about methods to create change and inspire them to be more loving, kind, and healing for others. Their passions are the path to healing as they would like to create more music for healing purposes and DJ to the masses to create a peaceful and charismatic world through music and noise.

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