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Meet Our Scholars

scholars - art

MJ Rojas-Brand

Wheaton College




MJ is a Latinx, genderqueer youth pursuing higher education. MJ is bubbly, determined, and for sure a jokester. MJ loves anime and creating art, specifically clay pottery or mini paintings. MJ is a local youth activist and the youth programming coordinator at a local nonprofit, the Providence Student Union. The union’s goal is to empower youth to better their education by building leadership skills and teaching social justice. MJ helps research and design workshops, programs, and events while building peer-to-peer relationships with other students. They are currently majoring in Sociology with a minor in Peace and Social Justice. Ultimately, he wants to become a social worker or continue social justice work and advocacy in another form. Activism is such a significant part of her life. MJ wants to continue to aid people so they can reach their potential: MJ wants people to feel supported and empowered in the world!

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