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Meet Our Scholars

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Modayo Jones

State College of Florida

Gender Studies


Community College

Alvin O. McCray & Jason M. Rudman Scholarship

Modayo “Mo” Jones is a QTBIPOC writer with a profound interest in the way in which society works and the way in which humans interact with the world. Born in Michigan, Mo was always moving houses in his childhood for the success of his parent’s job, which heavily relied on travel. He is currently in Florida and has gotten more passionate about activism and speaking out for LGBTQ people as a result. Mo always knew they were queer, from an early age knowing he liked girls and boys, but coming out as non-binary and trans) has been a tough hurdle, especially where support from family is concerned. All of the complexity of gender and sexuality, however, has piqued a special interest in Mo: In their poems, they write about society, people, and complex human narratives. He always knew he wanted to be a writer, but as a first-generation college student, and someone who grew up perceiving money as an extremely scarce resource, he had even considered not studying anything beyond high school. Luckily, due to a change of heart—and perhaps a change of hope—Mo wanted to pursue higher education with the passion in his heart towards the things he loves most: society and how and why things work the way they do. Why people are so complex. Why people are so beautiful although flawed. And that’s what he plans on doing: Majoring in Sociology with a strong interest in gender and sexuality studies and creative writing. Mo will become an educated writer, not one who didn’t believe in taking chances. 

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