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Meet Our Scholars

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Mugada Yoruba (Ruba) Secret

Front Range Community College

Computer Science



Mugada Yoruba Secret, who goes by Ruba, is a proud gay biracial black man, a first-generation college student, and an aspiring software engineer. His mom and dad raised him in the suburbs of northern Colorado with his three older sisters. Growing up, Ruba watched his sisters struggle with addiction, his mother struggle with depression and disability, and his father struggle with anger issues, all the while being taught that LBGTQ identities were wrong and were not allowed inside his family. From middle school on, he began experiencing anxiety attacks, suicidal ideation, and shame about his identity. He didn’t have many friends and used video games and bass playing as a form of escapism. In high school, he entered an early college program, started getting professional help with his trauma, and started looking for family in his friendships. Now he has a passion for computer graphics and programming, confidence in his abilities and talents, and has finally found the light at the end of the tunnel.

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