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Meet Our Scholars

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Nathalie Saladrigas

Miami Dade College



Community College

Miami Beach Pride Scholarship

Nathalie is a Miami native of Colombian and Cuban descent. She was born in Miami but lived in Colombia for three years before moving back to her hometown at nine years old. She attends Miami Dade College. In high school, she became invested in understanding why voters support certain politicians. Because of this, she decided to study Sociology. During her time at Miami Dade College, she made the first LGBTQ club on her campus, Queer Collective. Since she was a kid, she was shamed for being queer due to the nature of her conservative household. She was raised on the idea of being gay being wrong. Nathalie understood her identity at 13 years old but struggled with self-acceptance until her first year in college. For this reason, Nathalie decided to hold a safe space at her own school. Through her club, she has worked with organizations such as SAVE LGBT and Planned Parenthood to elevate the voices of queer youth like her. She is passionate about climate action, LGBTQ rights, reproductive justice, racial equity, and workers’ rights. Nathalie plans to transfer to an out-of-state university and study International Relations. Once she graduates, she plans to continue her work in activism and work alongside non-profit organizations.

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