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Meet Our Scholars

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Nic Oke

Cornell University

Sociology and Political Science



FedEx Scholarship

Nic Oke is a student advocate and educator who was born and raised in Baltimore, (more appropriately known as unceded Piscataway land). As an individual who became aware of their identities as a Black, Nigerian American, queer, and neurodivergent person at an early age, Nic came to understand the interpersonal and systemic nature of discrimination and oppression very early on. Since then, Nic has used their voice to promote change and combat injustice wherever possible, guided by a burning desire to make the world a more inclusive and just place than the one they’ve had to experience. To this end, Nic will be attending Cornell University in Fall 2023 to pursue a double-major in sociology and political science and a minor in either feminist, gender, and sexuality studies or crime, prisons, education, and justice. Upon graduating from Cornell, Nic plans to attend law school and obtain his Juris Doctor in order to become a civil rights or criminal defense lawyer, helping to provide legal aid to working-class and oppressed communities. Nic also plans to use their role to challenge, and eventually dismantle, the prison industrial complex, the school-to-prison pipeline, and various other forms of structural violence perpetrated by the legal system. When they are not actively organizing and advocating against societal challenges, Nic can be found binge-watching Netflix series with his family, hanging out with friends, reading political theory and historical fiction novels, or spending entirely too much time scrolling through social media sites, especially Instagram (@theangryblackboy).

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