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Meet Our Scholars

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Nick O’Reilly

Wilbur Wright College

Mechanical Engineering


Community College

Nick grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois and received a Bachelor’s in Film Production & Graphic Design from Loyola University Chicago. After working in brand design Nick entered the hospitality industry where he worked for five years.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Nick lost his job and he began to reconsider the direction in which he wanted to live his life. He decided to enter an Associate’s Program at the City Colleges of Chicago to work towards an AE in Mechanical Engineering; a path he never could have imagined for himself, and one he feels ecstatic to be pursuing.

He hopes to work in harnessing solar energy to create a more accessible and affordable renewable resource. Nick quickly realized that there is a bit of a vacuum in community for queer-identified folks in STEM; he promptly set a goal to find other like-minded queer-identified folks across STEM disciplines and create such a network. When he found the Point Foundation Scholarship, it seemed to him to be the perfect place to foster individual and professional growth and to meet other LGBTQ+ folks across different fields.

Nick’s wildest dream is to help change the world and continue to make friends with incredible people who want to do the same. He feels entirely fortunate to be a Point Scholar and works hard to live up to his responsibilities.

In his free time, Nick loves to ride his bike, see movies in the theater, be outside with friends and learn new things.

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