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Meet Our Scholars

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Nicolas Arce

Miami Dade College



Community College

Nicolas is a soul making conscious steps toward a future of joy and success. He is the son of two Ecuadorian immigrants and identifies as a queer individual. While growing up in Miami, Nicolas was inspired by his mother, who works as a housekeeper, and his father, who worked tirelessly in an array of different jobs to sustain his family. Soon after coming out in high school, Nicolas embraced his queerness as a journey of constant learning, growth, and beauty. He is now a student at The Honors College at Miami Dade College studying sociology. Nicolas is a student Senator, past subcommittee chair of the Student Government Association, and a Board Member for the Youth for Environmental Sustainability Club at school. Nicolas is fond of learning about cultural significance and being involved in social causes. He volunteers with the Love the Everglades Movement, an organization dedicated to advocating for and preserving the Greater Everglades. Even though he is unsure of what he wishes to do in the future, Nicolas hopes to work in a career where he is always surrounded by other people and uplifting other individuals. In his free time, Nicolas enjoys riding his longboard, dancing to music, and trying new foods.

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