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Meet Our Scholars

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Noah Mancuso

Emory University

Public Health (Epidemiology)


John M. Deciccio Scholarship

Noah Mancuso (he/him) grew up in West Virginia and has always been passionate about health. He studied global health at Duke University and chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill during his undergrad studies as a Robertson Scholar, before working in the global health field for several years. Noah recently graduated from Emory University as a James W. Curran Scholar with a Master of Science in Global Epidemiology and will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Epidemiology starting in the fall of 2023. His research is in understanding and addressing disparities in HIV prevention and treatment. Much of Noah's work has focused on the diverse LGBTQ community, both domestically and internationally, which led him to create the Queer Health Consulting (QHC) group. Noah looks forward to continuing to advance LGBTQ issues in the public health field and improving health for all.

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