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Meet Our Scholars

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Nolan Boggess

Grinnell College

Theatre and Dance



Nolan grew up in Des Moines, IA where he attended Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school. Although Nolan knew his family would accept his sexual identity, he was worried to come out as gay at his predominately conservative high school. After coming out his senior year, he was disheartened to learn that his high school had denied a teaching job to an openly gay man. Vowing to stand up for those who don’t feel comfortable in their schools because of their sexuality, Nolan decided to attend Grinnell College and get involved with the Queer Mentorship Program that creates mentor relationships between LGBTQIA+ students. Now serving as the Co-Coordinator, he has the opportunity to match student mentees and mentors together through a program of education, advice, and support. Nolan is a theatre & dance and anthropology double major who participates in all facets of the Theatre & Dance Department at Grinnell. In the spring of 2017, Nolan directed and produced a student musical theatre production on campus. Nolan’s goal is to create a non-profit theatre company in the Midwest dedicated to producing shows by LGBTQIA+ playwrights or focused on LGBTQIA+ topics that would also offer educational and outreach programs to the community.

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