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Meet Our Scholars

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Nolan Golden

University of California, San Diego

Anthropology & Gender/Queer Studies



Jeff Ogle & Jeff Stearns Point Scholar

Nolan Golden is a gender-queer individual, hailing from the golden state of California. At 22 years-of-age, their life experiences have begun to usher them into the person they have always dreamed of becoming. Their experience with an abusive father and a mother with Border Line-Personality disorder shaped them greatly. Being surrounded by such toxic behavior from an early age influenced Golden to become someone who is gracious and nurturing to others, committing actions that they would also want in return. Golden's sense of optimism, engagement, and determination arose during high school. Confronted by life-threatening bullying in school, Golden came to the conclusion that the best way to stay alive was to fiercely speak up for themselves when others would not. Golden realized their own determination to overcome obstacles and began to apply that same fiery passion to helping others. In the Fall of 2018, Golden led an effort at their previous community college, Gavilan College, to raise the Philadelphia Pride Flag on the institution's flag pole in honor of National Coming Out Day. Gavilan stands as one of the first out of 115 community colleges to raise the Philadelphia Pride Flag. Nolan also drafted a new institutional policy that focuses on allowing students to use their own pronouns on class rosters and other institutional documents. The new policy will be under implementation beginning Fall 2019. Lastly, in the Spring of 2019, Golden organized a one-day Leadership Symposium for local high school students in the San Jose to Gilroy area. As a leader, Nolan Golden aims to be a trailblazer for positive change—on local, state, national, and global levels toward a more equitable world.

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