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Meet Our Scholars

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Pau Brunet-Fuertes

Los Angeles Community College

Anthropology and Communications


Community College

Pau was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, and moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Before their academic journey, Pau was related to the movie industry for almost 20 years. Their work with film has been associated on different fronts: first as a journalist for trade magazines and their own website; and later as a producer of some arthouse movies from Spain, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. Pau sees themself first as a cinephile who worked hard to make his dreams come true. Movies are their passion, and now Pau is using that passion to move forward to the next tier: academia.

Their identity as nonbinary has changed drastically in recent years and influenced how they see and work within the industry. Thanks to the spaces their found in Los Angeles, Pau has been able to finally live their full nonbinary identity. Since then, they have felt the necessity to dig deeper into that essence. In 2020, Pau decided to start studies in social science and media studies to develop their knowledge between our society and our audiovisual world. Pau’s goals are to build an academic career in queer media research to support many new queer and diverse future artists. Stories about-, and for queer and trans people are still not available in the quantity and quality the community deserves.

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