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Meet Our Scholars

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Paul Terry

Unviersity of San Francisco

International and Multicultural Education, and Human Rights and Racial Justice Education

He Him, They/Them


A savage, queer ginger weaver, Paul David Terry (he/they) disrupts the civility of knowledge production by unsettling the settler colonial mindset. Rhizomatically flowing through the undercommons of oppressive binaries, Paul put together human rights education, critical and transformative leadership, and health equity to advance a more just world.

A doctoral student in international and multicultural education with an emphasis in human rights and racial justice education, they explore systemic bias among the patchwork of the nonprofit industry, including healthcare, higher education, and volunteer-driven organizations. He embodies kinship knowledge from ancestral Indigiqueers, inventors, wanderers, farmers, and school teachers to joyfully advocate across affinities. Paul has received multiple fellowships to advance clinical care for queer patients across the Black Diaspora, integrate drag pedagogies to augment story healing, and teach race theory for teachers experiencing burnout. In their spare time, Paul conducts marching bands, sings opera, and grows heirloom seeds in their urban garden.

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