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Paul Von Bex

Temple University

Film, Media Arts and Visual Anthropology



Paul Von Bex was a dual major in film and media arts and visual anthropology and a LGBT studies minor, with a primary focus on multi- and cross-cultural transgender and gender variant populations and experiences. Born and raised in Seattle, Paul moved to Los Angeles one week after their high school graduation in order to forge a path toward an environment more accepting of their queer identity. After obtaining a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Paul felt compelled to continue their studies and chose to attend Temple University. They were drawn to anthropology for its position within the social sciences as a holistic discipline, film and media arts to fulfill their creative desires, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies to inform their art and social change work. Recently Paul coordinated an art show called Queer&Art! as part of the TransAction Internship, featuring the work of trans and genderqueer artists. Currently, Paul is directing and shooting a feature-length documentary on the subject of FtM pregnancy.

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