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Meet Our Scholars

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Peyton Liu

Irvine Valley College

Public Health


Community College

Coach Dream It Real Scholarship

Throughout her life, Peyton Liu has explored the power behind compassion and love. She moved from China to Irvine, California recently to begin a new chapter in her life journey. Upon arrival, Peyton engaged with her new environment quickly by reaching out to her fellow LGBTQ community, school faculty, and volunteering organizations. The connections she built with others helped her erase the trauma that she experienced in the past. Learning from the stories of other LGBTQ members, victims of domestic violence, suicide loss survivors, sexual assault survivors, and marginal population, she discovered a passion and an aspiration in supporting others. Peyton currently works as a teaching assistant in three different educational programs, two of which are non-profit. She is also a volunteer in Chinese Rainbow Network Inc., which is the largest community organization for Chinese sexual/gender minorities. Building capacity with those organizations allows her to have a unique vision of the existing social issues. Peyton hopes to see more people come out with pride and confidence in the future, and for there to be more compassion and empathy in our society. Peyton aims to major in Public Health and pursue a medical degree after finishing her bachelor’s degree. Beyond her academic goals, she intends to push the community forward and bring more power into action.

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